Limited seating dining room, bar and patio! Still serving curbside/takeout, full menu & featured family

Private Farm-to-Table Dining Room
for Rehearsals

ParkSide23 is ready to hold your next Rehearsal Dinner at our indoor private event venue.  From large groups to small groups we have the area you need to accommodate the people attending.  Contact our private event coordinator to discuss the specifics of your Rehearsal Dinner at ParkSide23

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Cost for Rehearsal Dinners

Required minimum charge for private room:


Food and beverage minimum charge for lunch reservations (11am - 3:00pm)


Food and beverage minimum Monday - Thursday (room reserved from 5:00pm until 7:30 or 8:00pm until 10:00pm)


Food and beverage minimum Monday - Thursday (room reserved from 5:00pm until 10:00pm)


Food and beverage minimum Friday - Saturday (room reserved from 5:00pm until 7:30pm or 8:00pm until 10:00pm)


Food and beverage minimum Friday - Saturday 5:00 until 10:00 (room reserved for entire evening)

Closed Sundays

Questions? Call Us

The Finer

Room Capacity: Approximately 35 people, 45 for Cocktail Style, (28 with projector screen)

The minimums stated are pre-tax & pre-tip and will only include the food and beverage that is consumed in the private event area during the event.  Additional to-go food and wine bottles can be ordered to reach the minimum.  Otherwise, the balance up to the agreed minimum will be added to the bill as a room charge.  Gift cards cannot be purchased as part of the minimum or toward any future events.

A service charge of 20% will be automatically added for all private parties.

Holidays are subject to a higher minimum due to demand of reservations.

A fee of $2 per person in attendance will be charged for all outside desserts brought into the event.

No separate checks for groups over 10. Cash, credit card and gift cards are the only acceptable forms of payment. We do not accept gift certificates as payment for private events.

Parties of 19 or less can order directly from the core menu or personalize a limited menu for their event. Parties of 20 or more will need to customize a limited menu.

We offer a complimentary projector screen to be set up in the beer room for video or slideshows.  We do not provide a computer/projector, you will need to provide your own.

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