Limited seating dining room, bar and patio! Still serving curbside/takeout, full menu & featured family

A Farm-Side Reunion
Outdoor Dining Venue

ParkSide 23’s private garden-side dining venue is a beautiful setting for your next reunion. Seated within our beautiful 10,000 square foot garden, the venue will surely leave a lasting impression. Surround yourself in beautiful scenery while enjoying farm-to-table food and local brews. All items on our catering menu are made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. No hormones, no antibiotics and no cages. Please contact our event coordinator to discuss custom menu options and seasonal dining.

Let's Talk Pricing


The finer

Stated minimums include all food and beverages consumed in your private event space. Minimums are pre-tax and pre-tip. To-go food and beverage orders can be added to your tab to reach the minimum. Gift cards may not be included. A room charge will be added to your bill if your party is below the minimum.

There will be an automatic 20% service charge for private events with 8 or more guests.

A fee of $2 per person will be added to the bill for all outside desserts that enter the event.

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